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    Joan Csaposs, N.P. Named N.P. of the Year!

    Posted by Upstate Dermatology on Jul.07.15 in Skin Care

    Joan Csaposs, N.P. named Nurse Practitioner of the Year for 2015 by the Capital Chapter of the Nurse Practitioners of New York

    On June 3, 2015 the Capital Chapter of the Nurse Practitioners of New York named Joan Csaposs N.P. of the year. Joan was nominated because she is a role model of what a nurse practitioner should be. She is proud to be a nurse practitioner and shares this with those around her.

    Joan is known by everyone to be very generous. She will buy backpacks out of her own wallet, so children in the area will not go to school without what they need. Children in shelters and living in poverty are on Joan’s list of places to make sure they have what they need. Joan volunteers her time to help at the City Mission and Camp Sundown (a camp for children who have xeroderma pigmentosum).

    Joan has been with Upstate Dermatology for many years and her knowledge has helped care for dozens of patients on a daily basis. She loves to educate patients on their ailment and what to do to prevent it from occurring again. The information she shares with them is geared at their level of understanding and if possible, the most economical.

    Joan is always thinking of others and puts herself before her patients and friends. She is the epitome of a Nurse Practitioner and a great representative of our Chapter.

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