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  • Skin Care

    Nah Nah Nah Nah Hey Hey Hey Don’t Fry

    Posted by jody@upstatederm.com on May.01.18 in Skin Care |

    Solstice, schmolstice; in my opinion, summer starts on Memorial Day weekend. (Not that we won’t take the opportunity to remind our dear readers about summer sun protection on June 21.)…

    More than One?

    Posted by jody@upstatederm.com on Apr.10.18 in Skin Care |

    If you (or someone you know) has been diagnosed with two or more nonmelanoma skin cancers, you are part of a special group. You are also, unfortunately, at much higher…

    At the Old Ball Game

    Posted by jody@upstatederm.com on Mar.29.18 in Skin Care |

    Who doesn’t love baseball? Whether it’s a Little League game in your own neighborhood, or good seats at a legendary Major League stadium, it’s still America’s pastime. If you’re in…

    Can Your Diet Help Prevent Skin Cancer?

    Posted by Upstate Dermatology on Feb.04.18 in Skin Care |

    Growing evidence shows that foods high in certain nutrients may indeed help — and certainly can’t hurt. You see your dermatologist twice a year for a full-body skin exam. You…

    6 Beauty Resolutions to Make for 2018

    Posted by Upstate Dermatology on Jan.17.18 in Skin Care |

    If achieving gorgeous, healthy-looking skin is on your list of top priorities for 2018, you’ve come to the right place. We’re laying out the beauty resolutions you should make for…

    Don’t Let Hand Rashes Ruin Your Winter

    Posted by Upstate Dermatology on Dec.22.17 in Skin Care |

    Hand rashes can be frustrating, especially when the cause of your rash is unknown. Was it a new brand of hand soap? Eczema?  Or just really dry skin?  According to…

    Tips for National Healthy Skin Month

    Posted by Upstate Dermatology on Nov.10.17 in Skin Care |

    Tips for Healthy Skin Your skin is your body’s largest organ, so it’s important to take good care of it. November is National Healthy Skin Month, however, learn how to…

    How to Treat a First-degree, Minor Burn

    Posted by Upstate Dermatology on Oct.18.17 in Skin Care |

    According to dermatologists from the American Academy of Dermatology, first-degree burns are very common and frequently occur after one accidentally touches a hot stove, curling iron or hair straightener. Sunburn…

    Is Makeup with SPF Enough Protection in the Fall?

    Posted by Upstate Dermatology on Sep.20.17 in Skin Care |

    Is Makeup with SPF Enough Protection in the Fall? What moisturizer, foundation, and lipstick with sunscreen can—and can’t—do Now that those lazy summer days sitting by the pool are behind…

    Dermatologists Can Learn New Tricks From Old Dogs

    Posted by Upstate Dermatology on Aug.04.17 in Skin Care |

    Collaboration with veterinarians and scientists could benefit human patients Skin disorders like atopic dermatitis and ringworm can affect every member of the family — including Fido. Fortunately for both people…

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